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World leading motor control - high performance variable frequency drive for both standard induction motors and new permanent magnet motors.

High performance drive for both standard induction & permanent magnet motors. The perfect combination of high performance together with ease of use allows even the most demanding applications to be tackled easily by Optidrive P2.


Key Features


  • Sensorless Vector Control, 200% Torque from zero speed ensures reliable control under any load condition

  • Industrial heavy duty rating for every model,150% overload for 60 seconds, 200% overload for 4 seconds

  • PM Motor Control Future proof. Allows upgrade to the latest generation of high efficiency permanent magnet motors.

  • Built in Simple PLC Functionality for timers & functions

  • Built In EMC Filters and Intergral Brake Transistors, Plus a dedicated Hoist Mode

  • Control Modes V/F Voltage Vector : Energy Optimised V/F : Sensorless Vector Speed Control : Sensorless Vector Torque Control : Closed Loop (Encoder) Speed Control : Closed Loop (Encoder) Torque Control : Open loop PM Vector Control


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